The GreenWay Sustainability Project implemented a three stage program of activities as per the Business Plan approved by the NSW Environmental Trust. This Project was a partnership between Ashfield (lead), Leichhardt, Marrickville and City of Canterbury Councils which started in 2009 and concluded in September 2012.

Key activities for the Project included:

Community workshop 2011

Research partnership with Macquarie University

The vision of the Greenway involves a collaboration of local and state government and community groups.  An action research project led by Jenny George from the Graduate School of the Environment at Macquarie University has recently been completed.

A series of workshops were run with the various stakeholders in the process to explore together these possibilities for current and future governance of the Greenway.  There is a keen interest to explore partnered decision-making involving both the community and the key institutions and this offers a potentially exciting future for Greenway decision-making, management and day-to-day involvement.

Read the GreenWay Research Key Findings or visit the Governance page for more details. 

Project Achievements

  • Developing a new visual identity for the GreenWay in consultation with key community stakeholders 
  • Developing and launching the new website
  • Hosting the inaugural GreenWay Festival from 10 - 17 October 2010, including promotional tours; and againg in 2011
  • Developing an sustainability education program for local primary schools focused on the GreenWay;
  • Publishing a GreenWay Flora & Fauna Literature Review (See Resources
  • Providing materials, free TAFE bushcare training and resources to local bushcare organisations;
  • Undertaking social profiling and a Survey of GreenWay residents 
  • Recruiting more volunteers for the GreenWay;
  • Producing the GreenWay short film to promote the GreenWay 
  • Developing a long-term governance model for the GreenWay, based on the multi-stakeholder sustainable management of a shared asset, in partnership with Macquarie University;
  • Summer Hill Public SchoolPromoting active transport (walking and cycling as a mode of transport);
  • Hosting successful community events for Clean Up Australia Day and National Tree Day 2010 - 2012
  • Developing the "GreenWay Revegetation & Bushcare Plan" to guide future works, including new sites as part of the Inner West Light Rail Extension
  • Producing a series of GIS maps for the GreenWay 
  • Implementing actions listed in the "GreenWay MasterPlan & Coordination Strategy 2009".  

All activities were monitored for effectiveness and efficiency through the Project's independent Evaluation Program.


A skater captured his trip along the GreenWay starting from Leichhardt through to Iron Cove then back to Lewisham in Sydney's Inner West. Video created by Bo Yuan and Tim Hans.   GreenWay Map below created by Benjamin Salmon.


Welcome to the GreenWay website!

 The GreenWay is an urban green corridor in Sydney's Inner West. It is a bush corridor and a hub for community arts and groups, bushcare, walking and cycling. The GreenWay Community is maintaining a campaign to build an off-road shared path from the Cooks River to Iron Cove.  This trail was to be built as part of the Inner West Light Rail Extension but was deferred by the state government. As an interim measure we have marked out an alternative route to help people travel along the corridor.  

This website is a portal to all GreenWay related activities in the catchment. Get involved in the site - register and add community events, send us resource materials, and add comments.  With your feedback we will continue to improve and evolve this site - let us know what you think!

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