A sign of things to come!

Signs and stencils have been installed along the alternative GreenWay route to help people find their way from Cooks River to Iron Cove. We have also produced a mapto ensure that you wont get lost. A few amendments will be made in coming weeks as we work out where the community need more help finding the route. So if you do notice where we can make improvements please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. GreenWay Signage Jul 2013 006 600x800

GreenWay Signage Jul 2013 004 800x600


A skater captured his trip along the GreenWay starting from Leichhardt through to Iron Cove then back to Lewisham in Sydney's Inner West. Video created by Bo Yuan and Tim Hans.   GreenWay Map below created by Benjamin Salmon.


Welcome to the GreenWay website!

 The GreenWay is an urban green corridor in Sydney's Inner West. It is a bush corridor and a hub for community arts and groups, bushcare, walking and cycling. The GreenWay Community is maintaining a campaign to build an off-road shared path from the Cooks River to Iron Cove.  This trail was to be built as part of the Inner West Light Rail Extension but was deferred by the state government. As an interim measure we have marked out an alternative route to help people travel along the corridor.  

This website is a portal to all GreenWay related activities in the catchment. Get involved in the site - register and add community events, send us resource materials, and add comments.  With your feedback we will continue to improve and evolve this site - let us know what you think!

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