2016 GreenWay Art Prize People's Choice

15109470 10154911851459610 7027697891955213480 nCongratulations to Natalie Sharpe who's painting 'Magpie and the Ibis Fish' in the Local Artist category of the GreenWay Art Prize took out the Derivan People's Choice Award. Thanks to our friends and sponsors from Derivan, Natalie wins $500 in Derivan art materials along with a year's subscription to Art Almanac.

Natalie's inspiration for her painting is described in her artist statement: "I am constantly inspired on the many bike rides taken along the Cook's River, inside the green corridors of the inner west trail. Obsessed with the glorious magpie for some years; I love their sounds and their song; their look, their striking black and white, their habitats, their survival, the tenacious and bold characteristics, their small families and strong communities. They live and survive the human onslaught on the availability of trees, air and food. Truly beautiful and unique. They love the eucalypts.

Also just as unique but crazy odd, is the Australian Ibis that should be regarded as a national treasure and not the low regard it's held in. Forced to leave their native homes for more affordable housing amongst the humans, feeding of the flotsam and jetsam of the city. Their wild beaks and strange bald heads should be embraced rather than the abuse, suspicion, fear and horror they receive."



A skater captured his trip along the GreenWay starting from Leichhardt through to Iron Cove then back to Lewisham in Sydney's Inner West. Video created by Bo Yuan and Tim Hans.   GreenWay Map below created by Benjamin Salmon.


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