The GreenWay corridor and the private properties within the GreenWay catchment  form an important refuge for native animals and native plants in this highly urbanised area of Sydney.

The GreenWay provides a green north-south ‘link’ for resident and migrating birds and animals to navigate their way though one of the most urbanised areas of Sydney to the bushland areas to the north and south of the city.

Very little original native vegetation of Sydney’s inner west remains today. The GreenWay provides an opportunity to preserve and re-introduce these native plants, and provide habitat for native animals.

As well as providing a transport and cycling link for local residents, the Greenway also has a number of Bushcare sites that are maintained by volunteers. These sites are the foundation of the preservation and promotion of biodiversity in the GreenWay.

The "GreenWay Trellis" concept aims to build on the biodiversity of the GreenWay corridor by extending native plantings and broad sustainability principles to neigbouring parks, reserves and private properties in the broader catchment area.

Flora & Fauna Literature Review

If you would like to know more about the biodiversity in the GreenWay then download our Flora & Fauna Literature Review [PDF - 1.06 MB] or visit our Flora and Fauna pages.

For more general information on native fauna, flora and habitat, please see the following book lists:

Plant Identification Book List

Fauna and Habitat Book List

GreenWay Revegetation & Bushcare Plan

This plan outlines existing bushcare sites, groups, methods, species and plans for future sites. Download the Plan [PDF - 5.66 MB].

Biodiversity Strategy

The GreenWay Biodiversity Strategy outlines the objectives and actions for conserving and enhancing biodiversity.  It covers the parks, public and private properties adjacent to the GreenWay and in the broader catchment area.


Local species and contributing your records

Want to know more about fauna and flora found in the GreenWay area?

Check out Leichhardt Council’s Local Fauna and Local Flora web pages. At this site you’ll find useful information and photos of common species found in the Leichhardt area, many of which can be found in other council areas along the GreenWay. You can also contribute your own records to Leichhardt Council’s fauna database here.

The Atlas of NSW Wildlife database is another source of information on fauna and flora that covers the whole of NSW. This database is managed by the Office of Environment and Heritage. For more information on supplying records to the Atlas, or to search the Atlas database please click here.


A skater captured his trip along the GreenWay starting from Leichhardt through to Iron Cove then back to Lewisham in Sydney's Inner West. Video created by Bo Yuan and Tim Hans.   GreenWay Map below created by Benjamin Salmon.


Welcome to the GreenWay website!

 The GreenWay is an urban green corridor in Sydney's Inner West. It is a bush corridor and a hub for community arts and groups, bushcare, walking and cycling. The GreenWay Community is maintaining a campaign to build an off-road shared path from the Cooks River to Iron Cove.  This trail was to be built as part of the Inner West Light Rail Extension but was deferred by the state government. As an interim measure we have marked out an alternative route to help people travel along the corridor.  

This website is a portal to all GreenWay related activities in the catchment. Get involved in the site - register and add community events, send us resource materials, and add comments.  With your feedback we will continue to improve and evolve this site - let us know what you think!

Biodiversity Images

Go Bush!

Become a Bushcare volunteer and help restore the GreenWay’s native vegetation

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